Who we are

Go. To start. The most difficult step to take is often the first. He is insecure. The body has not yet found its rhythm. Or, for the beginner, this mechanics of movement has not yet been inscribed in the memory to be fixed there. Then there it is. The stride is not perfect, the body concedes postural errors. But the first flight takes place. That tiny piece of time, a fraction of a second where neither of your feet touches the ground. You no longer walk, you run. 
Both as a meeting point and a café and as a retailer of running clothing, we want to be multipliers of these moments of sporting magic. Every moment stolen from the gravity and the obligations of everyday life is precious. No matter your skill level, you love running, so you are part of our group. 
We celebrate success, failure, outings in the rain and days of abandonment. Faux Mouvement is a tribute to the imperfection that inhabits us and makes us interesting on a human and sporting level. Because nothing great happens without first getting caught up in the fire.
The racy collections that we offer reflect a spirit of exclusivity that is not a matter of athletic elite. They simply express the desire to belong to a gang, a group that shares the same taste for the moments of weightlessness that the race brings. The distinctive clothes are a sign of belonging, a way to recognize each other.