Our mission

Faux Mouvement is a benchmark for runners of all levels. Meeting place, point of departure and convergence. There is something to drink, dress and people to chat. It is a haunt for those who practice solo running most often. A place where common values ​​are expressed of surpassing, pleasure in the effort, the achievement of objectives that it is good to share other than in social networks.
Everything is always more pleasant around a coffee, surrounded by his peers, speaking the same language. Not that of unattainable times, crazy speeds. Rather the vocabulary of small victories over oneself. This first step took a morning of rain, snow, intense heat. This outing on a day when everything was going badly and which gives it back its luster.  

Faux Mouvement is a physical place, a boutique of exclusive clothing that lets you tell cross-runners that if you're not the fastest, it doesn't matter. You are part of a group of runners invested in their discipline, addicted to endorphins and anxious to express your interest in beautiful things.