The Coffee Break with Alex // Introduction

- By Alex Lafrenière
Demystifying the art of coffee one cup at a time 
Am I the only one who motivates myself to go to bed at night thinking it brings me closer to my morning coffee? Still, I can't be the only one who considers the coffee-making ritual to be some kind of homemade meditation that cures all ills… right? In my eyes, it is obvious that the warm and energizing character of a good cup of freshly brewed coffee makes it a must to start the day on the right foot. 
Surprisingly, the taste of the coffee did not impress me on the first sip. I had to, quietly not quickly, tame the particularly bitter notes of this fierce drink. As for many, my love affair with coffee began in a doctored form such as extra cocoa mocha, extra whipped cream and extra explosion of flavors. Then came the sweet maple syrup latte and not long later the no added sugar latte. I then jumped to cappuccino, then cortado to finally finish with my favorite preparation to date, black filter coffee. As with running, everyone evolves in their own way. medium-high pace and that's okay!
That said, even the steps prior to tasting, such as shopping for a new bag of coffee or pouring a cup, can be quite a headache for many. Like the wardrobe of Narnia: the world of coffee seems simple on the outside, but is truly endless once you look inside. 
With the heading Pause Cafe, I invite you to share a cup of your favorite preparation with me and, at the same time, to demystify certain subtleties of this divine nectar which we can no longer deprive ourselves of. Whether it's the coffee extraction parameters, the different types of preparation, the principle of roasting or the principles of decaffeination, we will explore together certain themes surrounding coffee and break it all down into small, easy-to-digest pieces. 
So… is it a date? :)
See you soon!
- Alex