Future shoes

Norda has imagined a trail shoe that will finally meet the demand of trail runners looking for a local, durable and high-performance product. Welcome to the new era of running shoes store.
To be perfectly honest, we hadn't planned to sell shoes in the near future when we opened the café. Until we find out Norda : a Quebec shoemaker, superbly innovative, offering a product with many virtues, starting with its durability.
We go around the whole thing by answering all the questions that we ourselves asked when we discovered the company.
Where do these shoes come from?
From a brand new company called Norda (For north, in Latin), founded by a gang of Montrealers who joined forces to create a revolutionary product. Decades of experience in shoe manufacturing, design and marketing.
Other than the company is based here, what's so special about them?
They are designed for high performance and to be very durable. “Most trail running shoes literally break down after 300 or 400 km. Ours can last well beyond that, ”assures Nick Martire, one of the brand's co-founders.

What is their secret?
It starts with the use of an incredibly resistant material: Dyneema. It is the lightest and strongest fiber. It is 14 times more than steel! So it is resistant to abrasions, which are quite common on the trails. It allows air to pass through, and it is also resistant to UV rays, which contributes to its durability.
When it comes to performance, what sets them apart?
Many things! It starts with the overall comfort of the shoe. Then there is its stability. Despite what its gait may suggest, the foot is closer to the ground than it looks. The distinctive element: the combination of a very high-quality midsole (on the inside, where the foot rests) and an extremely flexible and grippy outsole, both produced by the legendary Italian company Vibram . “The midsole is often a neglected item,” says Nick Martire. This costs us three times more than those used by other companies. ” Otherwise, the sole design is totally exclusive to them. "The mussels are ours," insists Nick.
And is it really worth the price?
We think so. From the first strides, we guess that we have just put on a product that stands out in every way from its competitors. And if only by its durability, its cost is amply justified.
“Try them, you will be convinced,” suggests Willa Martire, wife of Nick who is part of the quartet of founders. This is also what we believe.
In addition, we like the idea of ​​local designers who, like in most business circles, challenge the order established by the big brands by offering “boutique” type products. This means that they are more artisanal in the approach, therefore closer to the needs of the users, and that these entrepreneurs are ready to put the money on the quality of the product rather than in their pockets.

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This portrait of one of the suppliers of Faux Mouvement is part of a series of reports designed to help you get to know our partners, their vision and their products. By reading them, you will quickly understand why we have chosen them.