The real magic of coffee

Science has shown it: coffee is a stimulant that improves athletic performance. But he also has a wonderful power that you have undoubtedly taken advantage of many times without realizing it.
Like millions of people, it is very likely that the first thing you do when you get up is turn on your coffee maker or fill the kettle with water to make this succulent brew.

If we like the taste, we also greatly appreciate the effect: caffeine is a very effective stimulant that quickly takes us from the torpor of sleep to the desired state of wakefulness in order to subject our brains to intellectual work or manual that awaits us. Or just to lift our eyes off to read the morning news.

Running faster with coffee?

If it stimulates the activity of our neurons, coffee also has the capacity to make us better runners.

But before we go any further, let's specify this: there is no miracle involved. Caffeine, which is the active pharmacological agent in coffee, has virtues that science continues to explore since it promotes - according to research already carried out - better sports performance. But it won't let you suddenly run 10 km in 30 minutes.
What research has shown about caffeine is that it:

  • Helps in the production of adrenaline, which improves the heart's ability to pump more blood through your body.
  • Reduces fatigue caused by endurance effort.
  • Improves general vigor and the feeling of well-being.
  • Modifies the perception of effort.
  • Partially inhibits the sensation of muscle pain.

So, to sum up, caffeine provides a little boost, but above all it tricks your neurotransmitters into believing that the effort you are producing is a little less difficult than it actually is.

It's a bit like in Rocky IV, when the famous Italian Stallion played by Sylvester Stallone is beaten up by the brutal Ivan Drago, and his coach, between two rounds, says: “You don't hurt, you don't hurt. "
Except that there, it is in a fold of your brain rather than in the corner of the ring that it happens.
The real magic effect of coffee

The greatest quality of coffee, however, lies elsewhere than in physical performance.
Consumed in reasonable quantities (less than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day, which represents 5 shots of double espresso or 3 cups of filter coffee), it is healthy and allows us to modulate our daily life by offering us the necessary breaks in our day. of work.
But the real magical power of coffee is to bring people together. In pairs or in groups. With friends or as a couple. Coffee is better than a simple performance agent, it is a social binder.
Since specialty coffees have appeared, they have also been the subject of discussions regarding the subtleties of their aromas and flavors and are prepared in a multitude of forms, whether or not including milk (or related drinks). It is around coffee that the social bond is woven. It marks the beginning of our days, but also that of conversations that allow us to get in touch, to discover others and to open ourselves to them.
There is no scientific data to support this. But trust us. It works.
Above all, remember one thing: running fast is good, but sharing precious time with friends or making new ones is a lot better.