Run your city // In Girona with Sarah Bergeron-Larouche

- Photos by Aleix Ferrer and Christian Meier
Run your city // In Girona with Sarah Bergeron-Larouche
What brought you there?
The opportunity presented itself so we said to each other let's go, we don't really have any obligations. 
We knew that a new community of trail running was developing. Christian Meier, a former professional cyclist opened a running shop there and created a clothing company (Luck Running), with which I had just entered into a partnership.  
Briefly tell me about your trip.
As we are traveling with Ida, my 2-year-old dog, it took: European passport, veterinary exam, microchip, up-to-date vaccinations, direct flight from Montreal to Paris in a cargo plane. It's an additional stress, but everything went well; no lost or broken bikes and our very calm dog was picked up on European soil.
In Girona in February, the nights are cool but with the sun it can reach 20 degrees in the afternoon. I quickly join the group workouts from the shop Overland Running Supplies. The level is quite good, the running community is mainly made up of expats and former triathletes, road runners, cyclists, trail runners. Three training sessions per week in addition to spontaneous invitations and weekend outings in the Pyrenees. In Girona, everything is done on foot and all my new friends live in the same square kilometer as me. The rhythm of Spain is different, we see each other for a coffee, tapas, a drink and we rarely have dinner there before 20 p.m. Live and let live, we take it easy.
Spain is the garden of Europe, I was impressed by the size and quality of fruits and vegetables!
Mathieu and I participated in a few races, the level was very high there. The runners are fast and numerous, it's super stimulating to be pushed like this.
What is your favorite route?
During my last week, I had the chance to train with Christian and Jovica, another athlete on the team. Norda and Chance, at Cap de Kreus. It was my favorite outing. A nice mix of elevation gain with very fast sections and an extraordinary view since the route runs along the Mediterranean. 
Is it a good city for running?
Absolutely, I don't know a better place. The trails are really specific, there is variety and they are accessible year-round. Strava alert: the city is still little known for running so it's relatively easy to get
local legend, a little harder for KOMs since the level is very high. 

 Fun Fact
I come back from Spain at the beginning of April with a little 18-week-old “Nina” in my stomach. We land in Montreal and the next day is a stormy day in Quebec. We tell ourselves that next year, we will have to leave for 3 months and come back in May. 
What makes you run?
The well-being. When I run, I feel like I'm the best version of myself, that's where I have creative ideas, where I recharge my energy to better advance in other spheres of life. my life. I need to run, it's vital. I enjoy other outdoor sports, but none of them give me the same satisfaction.