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Faux Mouvement is a shop and cafe for runners. Starting or finishing point, meeting place, there are other members of the community of those who challenge weightlessness in style, regardless of their athletic level. Our exclusive clothing collections are chosen with care, so that the members of our community, anxious to show their belonging, can recognize themselves in the street as in the forest. Not all of them share the same time per kilometer, but their passion for running, which they express through us, unites them despite their gaps.

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Run your city // Run at dawn

You prefer to run before anything else. Dawn is an opportunity to refuel, to empty. Running is always a bit of both. The vacuum of effort sucks...

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Satisfy Running: Running is punk

Satisfy Running is born from a passion. Even an obsession for running. But also the desire to design a clothing collection that meets personal tastes as well as ethical principles...

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Run your town // Running at Christmas

The world is frozen. Time suspends its hypersonic flight. The morning light streams, sparkling. The air is cold. The surface, a few days after the ice storm, is still uncertain. You...

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Run your city // Run the Old Quebec

It is the joy of running in Old Quebec: there is no one-way street for the pedestrian and the possibilities of course in its meanders are almost endless. 

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