Coffee shop

Faux Mouvement is a shop and cafe for runners. Starting or finishing point, meeting place, there are other members of the community of those who challenge weightlessness in style, regardless of their athletic level. Our exclusive clothing collections are chosen with care, so that the members of our community, anxious to show their belonging, can recognize themselves in the street as in the forest. Not all of them share the same time per kilometer, but their passion for running, which they express through us, unites them despite their gaps.


The real magic of coffee

Science has shown it: coffee is a stimulant that improves athletic performance. But he also has a wonderful power that you have undoubtedly benefited from many times ...

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Pilot and Modbar, our favorites!

We could have chosen from several excellent roasters to start our adventure. But Pilot is one step ahead of many producers, both in terms of quality control of ...

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Imperfect and magnificent

We have to run so that everything else stops moving in our heads, that ideas find their place, and finally that they breathe as our lungs fill up ...

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